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Tingling & Numbness

How many of us have been hard at work, often at a desk for long periods, only to be stricken with a strange tingling or numbness in our arms?

Ask your fellow co-workers, and you’ll likely discover that at some time in their lives, they have also dealt with this strange sensation. While not necessarily painful, this tingling and numbness can cause discomfort and is often a source of unwelcome distraction.

The sensation you feel actually originates at your spine.

Because of the repetitive motion and area affected, many people often assume that they are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. However, they may be surprised to learn that a visit to the chiropractor could rectify their issue, as the problem doesn’t originate in their arms, but from within their spine.

When subluxations within the cervical and thoracic vertebrae constrict nerve function, many areas of the upper body are affected. These include your head, neck, trapezius muscles, arms, and hands. When these nerves are not functioning at their optimum levels, your brain responds by reading this issue as a decrease in sensory input, hence the “pins and needles” feeling.

The longer these nerves are impinged, the higher the likelihood that the nerves can become damaged, leading to problems such as permanent numbness in the arms and hands.

Many of us still work in environments that are not optimal for spinal health. To make things easier on your upper body, place your computer at eye level – if working on a laptop, try placing some books underneath so that you are not hunched over your desk. Be sure to take regular breaks – get up out of your chair, and do some light stretching. Gentle head rolls will help to keep your neck loose, and shoulder rolls will reduce some of the tension that can be stored in your upper back while working.

Maintaining your regular chiropractic adjustment schedule will do the most to ensure that you can keep your upper body in top shape, while avoiding those nasty tingles. Meanwhile, if you know someone in your office who has been complaining about numb and tingly arms, tell them to call Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic. We’re always here to help!

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