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Treat Your Back To These Winning Exercises!

Man holding pose

Try this unique exercise program to get fit and feel good!

We recently came across some unique and effective exercises created by a fellow Chiropractor, Dr. Eric Goodman.

Dr. Goodman’s “Foundation Training” program has been featured in many publications and programs, including Men’s Health, the Chicago Tribune, and ESPN. We have used this protocol ourselves and highly recommend that you do, too!

Simplicity Itself

Getting out of pain, getting fit, and feeling good doesn’t need to be a pretentious or complicated undertaking.

These exercises strip away all the bells and whistles and rely on YOU, your movement, and your breathing. No equipment needed…and they’re even great for improving athletic performance.

Through a simple series of postures, poses, and movement, the chain of muscles in your back will start to activate. (Your “foundation”) Those muscles will then teach your body to take the burden OUT of your joints and put it where it belongs…in your MUSCLES.

We love these exercises! Check these easy-to-follow videos out for yourself on Dr. Goodman’s website at

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