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Tummy Time and Your Baby's Spine

Tummy time is essential not only for the development of muscles but also for the development of the baby’s spine and neurological system. When babies are born their spines are shaped like a “C”.

As they grow, they should then develop the proper primary and secondary curves required in a healthy spine. Time spent on their tummies strengthens the baby’s trunk (core) and neck muscles as they are required to raise their head. Tummy time lays the foundation for developing the proper cross-crawl technique (creating connections between both cerebral hemispheres).

The crawling stage leads to

    • improved balance
    • enhanced motor skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • better spinal alignment

Unfortunately, babies aren’t always immediate fans of time spent on their tummies. Start with 2-3 minutes, and gradually increase the time to about 30 minutes Lie on your back and put baby tummy-down on your stomach. The prospect of admiring your face will encourage the baby to lift their head… Place baby on a blanket on the floor and place a favourite toy just within reach to encourage them to look up and eventually to reach out for it. Keeping a firm hold on the baby, place baby on their tummy on a yoga ball. Carefully and slowly roll baby forward on the ball so they are encouraged to lift their head up. Some babies really do not seem to tolerate tummy time at all.

This is definitely a reason to have your baby’s spine checked by a Chiropractor. There may be a restriction that makes it uncomfortable for them to try to extend while in that position.

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