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The Ugly Side of Concussion that is Usually Ignored

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As many children get ready to begin or re-enroll in high-impact sports such as hockey or football, we’ve been seeing the increase of concussion-related stories in the news. As parents of busy youngsters, what do you need to know about dealing with these injuries?

First off, we need to understand exactly what happens to the head when a concussion occurs. A concussion is a traumatic injury that results in the swelling of the brain. A concussion often occurs from direct trauma to the head, but it also happens when violent head movements result in the brain bumping up against the skull bones. These injuries don’t solely arrive via a blow to the head. Slips, falls, violent changes in direction, or player collisions can also lead to a concussion.

Thankfully, most concussions are mild and heal without surgery or a need for medication. However, even a slight concussion puts a person at risk for suffering a more severe concussion should another head injury occur in their lifetime.

Confusion and amnesia are some of the more common symptoms of concussion or traumatic brain injury. In addition, headaches, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, and ringing in the ears can also be experienced.

However, in dealing with the injuries to the brain, damage to the ligaments and soft tissues of the neck are often overlooked. With concussions, significant spinal trauma can occur, particularly through the cervical and thoracic vertebrae. A child may recover from a concussion, only to complain of headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain for months afterward. This is where chiropractic care comes into play – allowing nervous system function to recover and range of motion to return to normal.

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A hit to the head, however minor, should never be taken lightly. Call or come into the clinic today to discuss having your child assessed for neck or spinal trauma – regardless of whether they have presented symptoms at home. The sooner they receive care, the faster the recovery … and the quicker the return to the activities they love. We are offering FREE spinal checkups for kids for the month of September. Call today and start your child’s year off right.

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