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Visit Nature to Feel Better

mature couple backpack on mountainIt reminds me of the “chicken or the egg” debate…I know I’ll feel better if I get outside for a walk, but I just really don’t feel like going outside for a walk. Have you experienced this before?

We know there is a link between exercise and mood. We’ve known it for years, and personally, I have noticed both ends of this spectrum in the past few years. Some people have gravitated more towards exercise (especially walking outdoors) in order to better manage their stress and cope with the changes in our world, while others have stayed inside and certainly become more withdrawn and sedentary in the face of that increased stress and uncertainty.

Think about it – when would you feel better, more alive, more invigorated, more positive? Sitting at home with no sun or air exposure…or outside in nature breathing that fresh air and moving your body? It’s pretty clear to me.

I want to encourage you this week with yet another scientific confirmation of this concept. Researchers in Finland have determined that frequent green space visits (parks, gardens, forests) were associated with less frequent use of psychotropic, antihypertensive, and asthma medication in urban environments. (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, January 2022).

The power of nature!

Get outside and move those limbs, get your circulation flowing, and uplift your mind and spirit!


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