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Vitalism - Turn Your Power On!






If a mechanic disassembled the parts of a car engine could he reassemble them and would the engine function again? If a computer technician came to your house and disassembled your computer and reassembled the parts would it work again? Most would answer “yes” of course, based on the talent of the technician. What about your body? Do you believe that the top surgeon at the Mayo Clinic could disassemble the parts of the body, reassemble all of your organs and your body would re-animate itself into life?




The obvious answer is “no.” The more pertinent question would be:  Why is it possible to disassemble and re-assemble the unanimated parts of a computer or a car engine and regain mechanical function again?  However, the human body cannot! It is simple:  The human body has that mysterious “something” that animates it into life. Many call it life!




Some call it “power”; some call it “intelligence”; some even step out on a limb and call it “God”.  The fact is, there is a magnificent power that animates us into life.  That very power beats the heart, grows your hair, and digests your food. That same power allows you to read this article and interpret the information off the page or computer screen.




Researchers at Boston’s Forsyth Institute and at Harvard University have taken a big step toward explaining this process. When an embryo consists of just four cells, they found that an electric gradient starts switching on genes.




That very power that starts switching on genes is the power that animates you into life. Research shows that the brain is the very first organ to develop. That very power, illustrated by the above researchers, runs the body through the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system (Central Nervous System).




Our Central Nervous System has been shown to control all function and healing in the body.  If there is any interference to the Central Nervous System, that “life switching on” power is interrupted and your organs begin to malfunction.




Chiropractors have spent 108 years researching and showing that in order for health to be restored, the power inside the body must be free of interference.




By aligning your spine so that the Central Nervous System can regain control of the body and aligning your lifestyle so how you live is more in line with producing health, you remove interference to life and wellness. You restore power.




Once interference is removed, the body can heal disease from the inside, get well, and stay well, without the use of dangerous drugs or surgery.




In today’s world, misalignment of the spine and nervous system is not only common, it is epidemic. Whether you are sick and trying to get well, or well and trying to stay that way, seek a Chiropractor who recognizes that the power inside your body is the power that heals your body. You are not doing all you can to get well and stay well if your power is not on!