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We Can Make a Big Difference - But This Isn't About Magic Bullets

Some people do have medical conditions that require major intervention, because of an accident, poor lifestyle habits, or something in their genes. This intervention may include surgery, prescription medications, or treatments like dialysis or radiation therapy.

Regardless of the circumstance, these people are faced with a challenge too severe for their bodies to overcome alone. It only makes sense in such cases to pursue an appropriate course of treatment on the advice of qualified medical professionals.

On the other hand, the human body is an amazing machine endowed with a natural ability to heal itself … provided it’s firing on all cylinders. By “heal itself” we mean resume normal, healthy function.

Chiropractic BioPhysics which we practice is a modern and rigorously scientific technique that corrects and restores your spine back to alignment. The emphasis is on the correction of the underlying cause of your complaint, rather than on short-term relief from pain.

Clear signals for a healthy you

Spinal graphicThat’s because the spine (or, to be more precise, your spinal cord) is the information superhighway of your body. It relays all conscious and unconscious signals between your brain and the rest of your body – with every organ and individual cell. If this two-way communication is impeded, it will impair your body’s natural function and ability to heal.

When your spine is misaligned, the resulting pressure on your spinal cord can impede this information flow, not to mention be a source of significant pain that erodes your ability to function day to day.

What we do as chiropractors can have a dramatic impact on our patients. In some cases, even one adjustment can provide noticeable pain relief.

But we are not in the magic bullet business

Short-term pain relief is a nice benefit of what we do, but it’s not the end goal. What we want to do is restore your spine to its proper alignment to ensure your optimal health.

You don’t have to be feeling obvious pain to suffer the subtle effects of a misaligned spine that is putting unhealthy pressure on your spinal cord. It may manifest as muscle weakness, tingling in the extremities, gastro-intestinal issues, or more severe symptoms with conditions such as asthma.

Because our focus is not on pain relief, people sometimes wonder if that short visit to our office for an adjustment had any effect. Our society has grown accustomed to judging our health by the presence or absence of obvious symptoms that we can treat with a pill.

But ignorance is not bliss. Take high blood pressure, for example. This scourge of our aging population is called “the silent killer” for a reason. Like HBP, problems with your spine don’t always have an obvious symptom that changes noticeably from one visit to the next.

Little things add up

That doesn’t mean that adjustment yesterday didn’t have a beneficial effect. But this is a marathon, not a race. The big gain adds up in small increments over time. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with your schedule of care, both here in the office, and at home with whatever other exercises we may have recommended.

All of which to say is that it can be a false expectation to associate “time” with “results” and to assume that a Chiropractic adjustment should provide the same immediate relief that a pill can. If you have a chronic issue such as recurring pain, that pill is just masking the symptom – it is not treating the underlying cause. We do.

Freedom to fully enjoy life again

Consider electricians. Just like an electrician knows what breaker to turn on or off in order to get power back to your house in a safe manner, we know what to adjust and what to leave alone.

It’s often the small things that bring you to our door – a slip on a sidewalk, a fall, day after day doing That Thing You Know You Shouldn’t to your neck and back.

What we do to fix the resulting issue is a small thing, too. But it is the cumulative effect over time that leads to the big thing – restored health that frees you to fully enjoy life again.

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