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We Love Babies!

We see a lot of babies in our practice. Many times, we hear the question, “Why would a baby need an adjustment?”

The Trauma of Birth

Mom kissing baby

Keep your little one smiling with gentle chiropractic care!

It’s very important to assess and evaluate a baby as soon after birth as possible.

You want to make sure that the child’s well-being hasn’t been affected by the birth process itself. The following procedures can be quite aggressive:

• Vacuum extraction
• Forceps delivery
• C-section

These procedures, and even a natural childbirth, can be very traumatic to the delicate spine of a newborn, and result very commonly in upper neck subluxation (misalignment of the bones in the top part of the neck). This misalignment frequently results in these issues:

• Inability to nurse properly
• Inability to sleep well at night
• Fussiness
• Flat spot on the skull
• Altered head shape
• Colic

Safe, Gentle, and Effective

The best opportunity for your little ones to be healthy, to grow, and to experience life as they should is by having them evaluated in our office as soon as possible.

Adjustments for babies are gentle, safe, and effective, and having a properly aligned spine allows children to have the best possible start in life. We welcome you to bring your most precious little ones to us today!

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