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What do you value? Values and Beliefs Dictate Action

How many of you reading this would say that if your favorrite hockey team was in the Stanley Cup playoffs, you would do whatever it takes to watch every game? Or if your child had their final piano or dance recital, you would reschedule meetings or leave work early to be there? When you really value something or someone, you find the time don’t you? I know I do.

Healthy family

Make your family’s health a priority

You probably know where I’m headed with this. When your health is a priority, you make the time to do things that create health. If you value health, then you schedule time to exercise – not because you fear disease, but because you love life and want to get the most from it. If you value health, then you fuel your body with nutritious, whole foods – not because you are afraid to gain weight, but because you want to have high energy, vitality, and longevity to be there for your most important relationships. If you value health, you get regular chiropractic adjustments – not because you are afraid your lower back pain and headaches will return, but because you want to optimize function of your nervous system and preserve a healthy body structure and posture.

Your core values and beliefs as a human being will determine your behaviour and actions. An important first step is to identify your values, and write them down. From there, you can prioritize your schedule and life to make time for the things and people that are most important to you before everything else. Instead of prioritizing your current schedule, which is often filled with putting out fires and dealing with crises, schedule your priorities (spouse, kids, healthy eating, exercise, stretching, adjustments, sleep) and see if you don’t notice an appreciable difference in both your health and your JOY!

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