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What is a Doula?

Being pregnant is like visiting a foreign country in that you have to learn new routines and a new language. The language during pregnancy is particularly daunting. One of the words most people rarely hear before becoming pregnant is doula. A doula is a trained woman who provides physical and emotional support before, during and for a short period after the birth. In other words, it is a woman who helps another woman during labour so that this mom-to-be has the birth experience she desires. Doulas are there for every contraction and offer words of encouragement to empower women giving birth.
Many people confuse midwives and doulas. Midwives are most involved in the delivery or the final phase of the labour while doulas are most active during the labouring. While doulas and midwives often have similar ideas about pregnancy and labour, they have two distinct yet very complimentary roles.
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