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When Did We Start Doubting in Our Body's Ability to Heal?

Here is something that we would like for you to reflect on this week: “When did we start doubting in our body’s ability to heal itself?”  (i.e. Taking medication to lower a fever)  In order for you to understand why we are asking this question, let us give you some examples:


At conception, two half cells united, and then multiplied.  The first system that was formed was your nervous system.  From there, your nervous system directed every other cell to become specific cells (i.e. pancreas cells, liver cells, hair cells, etc.).  In 9 months, you went from 2 half cells to 9 trillion cells and 9 organ systems.  Now that’s a miracle!  18 years later, you now have over 100 trillion cells; 100 billion of those cells will have to be replaced DAILY.  Ask any woman who’s been pregnant, and she will tell you that she did not physically create, with her educated mind, any of the cells or organs for her baby; the body just knew what to do.  Ask almost anyone, and they will tell you that they are not physically creating, with their educated mind, new cells on a day to day basis; the body just knows what to do. 


When you were young, chances are that you fell off your bike or slipped on the cement, and ended up with a cut/scrape on your knee.  Within minutes of this happening, the blood would have stopped due to the clot that was formed.  Within the next few days, a scab would have formed to protect the area while it healed.  Within a week, the scab would have fallen off and the area of injury would be healed.  Ask any child (or adult because this does not change as we age), and he or she will tell you that they did not physically create, with their educated minds, any of the clots, scabs, or new skin; the body just knew what to do.


When you ate your breakfast this morning, the instant food touched your mouth, digestive enzymes (saliva) were secreted in order to start the digestion process.  From there, it went through your esophagus, your stomach, your small intestine, your large intestine, and we all know how this process ends. J  Throughout this journey, food was broken down; carbohydrates, fats, and proteins were used for energy or repair, water, minerals and vitamins were being absorbed, and what the body did not need was left behind.  I don’t need to ask you if you physically digested, with your educated mind, every piece of food that you ingested.  I know you didn’t do it; the body just knew what to do.


These are just a few examples which demonstrate that there is a great “power” within all of us that allows us to live and heal without any drugs or surgery.  Many have debated this “power” over the years; some call it “universal intelligence”, some call it “energy”, and others call it God.  Now we might not all agree about where this “power” comes from, and the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t really matter.  The only thing that we need to agree on is the fact that there IS a “power” within all of us that is infinitely more intelligent than are educated mind.


And if you STILL don’t believe us, here’s our last example: Going back to the cut/scrape on your knee scenario; if you were to die, and right after, someone was to cut your knee.  Would any clotting happen?  Would any scab form?  Would it heal?  Ask almost anyone, and they will tell you of course not!  Why?  Because the “power” has left the body.


In regards to the fever example we gave earlier; fever is a NATURAL response where the body raises its internal temperature in order to create an environment where bacteria and viruses cannot multiply or survive.  By taking a medication to lower the body temperature, yes, you might be a little more comfortable, but by doing this, you are encouraging bacterial/viral multiplication.  Yes, being sick sucks! And we want to feel better as soon as possible, but medications to lower fevers should only be used in the most severe cases.


So back to our original question; with everything that our body does on a daily basis, when did we start doubting in its ability to heal itself?  We have our own answer to this question, but we would love to hear when and how YOU believed this happened or if you NEVER even believed this!  Let us know on your next visit.  Have an awesome week!