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Are Your Child's "Growing Pains" Actually Sciatica?

Chiropractic helps the growing pains of growing up!

Chiropractic helps the growing pains of growing up!

“Why does my child have growing pains?”

This is a question that we hear from parents all the time.

Parents are often puzzled when their kids begin to experience unexplained pain into the legs and feet, or even into the low back and pelvic regions.

Could It Be a Form of Adult Sciatica?

The first thing to understand is that growing pains are not just a normal part of life for children and teenagers. Normal and healthy growth should never be painful. If your child is experiencing pain, it could be a warning sign of spinal misalignment, which we call “subluxation”. It’s very important to understand that subluxation will always have a negative effect on the nervous system, particularly that of a growing child.

It’s very possible that the “growing pains” your child is experiencing are simply a less pronounced version of adult sciatica.

It All Has to Start Somewhere

Think of some of the low back pain, hip pain, or sciatica you may have experienced. Remember, it all had to start somewhere and so very often, it begins in childhood with a fall, sports injury, or some other trauma to the body that causes the spine to shift away from the normal position.

If you haven’t introduced your kids to corrective chiropractic care yet, now is the time.

Address the problem early while it’s still just “growing pains”, before it has a chance to grow into a more serious issue of adulthood.

Call to schedule your child’s check up today!

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