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Why Olympians Take Their Chiropractors to the Games

Why Olympians bring their Chiropractors to the gamesGreat stories are coming out of our patients’ outdoor time. Move over weekend warriors, you are embracing the great outdoors all week long. And with the milder temperatures recently even those trying to love winter are finding there are positives to this season. You’re creating some awesome memories! And as your Kanata chiropractors, we’re here to help you do the things you love and encourage you to try something new.

If you have tried a little pond hockey or skating this season, you’ll have a new appreciation for Zambonis, hot floods and mechanical ice scrapers. Scraping the ice and shovelling the snow from outdoor ice surfaces is a workout before the games begin. Hands up if you have felt your low back twinge bent over a shovel or a hockey stick. All those hours at hockey practice have Mom and Dad challenged to keep up with the kids. They’re faster on the ice than it looks from the stands. Hand the shovels over to them.

Tobogganing is great fun but those bumps and thrill factors are felt a little more in those spines over the age of 10!

Now we understand why Olympians take their chiropractors to the games. We’re here to keep you moving faster, higher, stronger. People with arthritis can still do the things they love or would like to try with some help from their chiropractor. And if you want a few tips for warm ups or cool downs before your next adventure, or any other Winter activity advice, we’re here to help.

Go Team!

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